Warranty Claim

Warranty Claim

Faulty Product Return Policy

We value our relationship with our customers and therefor offer a warranty and return policy in the event that a faulty product was purchased from Scoop Distribution (Pty) Ltd. Under this policy, you may return a faulty stock item which was purchased from Scoop Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, within the applicable warranty period.

Need to Return a faulty product?
We'll need the following to complete the process:
- A completed fault reportPDF Fault Report Download (Editable PDF)
- Copy of original invoice
- Faulty product

Please note:
- Products out of warranty or without a copy of the invoice will not be accepted for testing.
- If a product is physically damaged, it will no longer be warranted or replaced by Scoop.
- The test procedure to determine the validity of a warranty claim, may take up to 72 hours.
- Our warranty does not cover, neglect, tampering or miss-use on the part of the client

From our Terms & Conditions


Return of defective Goods
1) All Goods sold have a 1 (one) year warranty against defects. The Customer must keep their proof of purchase to verify the date of purchase. Please note that, in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, this warranty may fall away if the Goods have been altered contrary to instructions or after leaving the control of Scoop Distribution.
2) If the Goods are returned within 1 (one) year of purchase, and has been proven to be defective by a Scoop technician, Scoop Distribution, at it's election, shall either replace or repair the Goods.
3) Any Goods damaged due to power surges, black outs or lightning will not be exchanged under warranty.
4) The Customer hereby agrees that any item under warranty returned for a repair may be sold by Scoop Distribution to defray the cost of such repair if the item remains uncollected for a period of 30 (thirty) days after the repairs have been completed.