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Yeastar New S Series PBX

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New in Store

Tenda 2-Port Gigabit Wi-Fi Powerline Extender

Dealer Excl VAT R595.00
Retail Incl VAT R875.00

Tenda 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch

Dealer Excl VAT R175.00
Retail Incl VAT R250.00

Tenda 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch

Dealer Excl VAT R250.00
Retail Incl VAT R375.00

Alfa Magnetic base SMA Female R/P 1M RG174

Dealer Excl VAT R70.00
Retail Incl VAT R100.00

Ubiquiti Armoured 6 Strand Fibre Cable SM, LC, 30m

Dealer Excl VAT R1,150.00
Retail Incl VAT R1,695.00

Ubiquiti Armoured 6 Strand Fibre Cable SM,LC,60m

Dealer Excl VAT R1,725.00
Retail Incl VAT R2,550.00

Ubiquiti Armoured 6 Strand Fibre Cable SM,LC,90m

Dealer Excl VAT R2,395.00
Retail Incl VAT R3,545.00

Ubiquiti Multi Mode 10G LC SFP+, 850nm,300m

Dealer Excl VAT R650.00
Retail Incl VAT R950.00

Ubiquiti Multi Mode 1.25G LC SFP, 850nm,550m

Dealer Excl VAT R275.00
Retail Incl VAT R395.00

Ubiquiti Single Mode 10G LC SFP+, 1310nm,10km

Dealer Excl VAT R1,425.00
Retail Incl VAT R2,095.00

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