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Ubiquiti PowerBeam 2GHz AC Dish 18dBi | PBE-2AC-400

Dealer Excl VAT R1,425.00
Retail Incl VAT R1,995.00

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Rack Mount Kit ER-4 and ER-6 | ER-RMKIT

Dealer Excl VAT R200.00
Retail Incl VAT R285.00

Ubiquiti AC 5GHz 15.5dBi 45' Horn Antenna | PrismAP‑5‑45

Dealer Excl VAT R895.00
Retail Incl VAT R1,275.00

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 Port Gigabit 1xSFP 4x1GHz CPU | ER-4

Dealer Excl VAT R2,195.00
Retail Incl VAT R3,125.00

MikroTik Cloud Switch 8xGE with PoE 4xSFP | CRS112-8P-4S-IN

Dealer Excl VAT R1,995.00
Retail Incl VAT R2,850.00

MikroTik WiFi Ceiling Mount Access Point | RbcAPGi-5acD2nD

Dealer Excl VAT R775.00
Retail Incl VAT R1,095.00

MikroTik LTE miniPCI-e Modem | R11e-LTE

Dealer Excl VAT R795.00
Retail Incl VAT R1,125.00

MikroTik 2x880Mhz 256MB WiFi SBC Router | RBM11G

Dealer Excl VAT R450.00
Retail Incl VAT R640.00

Ubiquiti UniFi Bullet Camera IR 1080P no PSU | UVC-G3-AF

Dealer Excl VAT R1,795.00
Retail Incl VAT R2,550.00

Ubiquiti UniFi NVR Controller 2TB HDD | UVC-NVR-2TB

Dealer Excl VAT R4,595.00
Retail Incl VAT R6,550.00

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