Legacy Products

If you have been redirected to this page it means the product you wish to view is No Longer Stocked by Scoop. It may be due to the fact that the manufacturer has discontinued the product, or that a new version of the same product has been made available.

We have added the most relevant products to the table below and will display the price of the product as it was at the time of removal from our product range along with other information you may still need. Please note that these products are NOT available for order.

Scoop SKU Description Supplier SKU Alternative Last Price Ex VAT
AF5 Ubiquiti AirFiber 5Ghz Gigabit Backhaul PtP | AF-5 AF-5 AF-5XHD
AFI-PHD Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Dual Band MeshPoint | AFI-P-HD AFI-P-HD AFI-INSR 1545.00
AFI-R Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Dual Band Router 5xGE | AFI-R AFI-R AFI-INSR 1650.00
AIR-G527 Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax Grid 27dBi CPE PtP/PtMP | AG-HP-5G27 AG-HP-5G27 PBE-525 795.00
AIR-S216 Ubiquiti 2GHz AirMax MIMO Sector 90' 16dBi | AM-2G16-90 AM-2G16-90 AIR-S215 1495.00
AIR-ST5 Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax Titanium Sector 60-120' | AM-V5G-Ti AM-V5G-Ti AIR-S522AC 2795.00
EP-S16 Ubiquiti 16Port EdgePoint Gigabit PoE Switch 2SFP | EP-S16 EP-S16 6495.00
FAN-HT101 Fanvil RJ9 On-Ear Headset with Microphone | HT101 HT101 FAN-HT201 235.00
FF-LCLC-O3U Fibre Flylead LC-LC UPC OM3 3M UF-UOC0.5 75.00
HDMI-5 5 Meter HDMI Cable Version 1.4 GC-HM101 120.00
HDMI-EXT HDMI Extender 50 Meter over Ethernet HDMI-EXT 950.00
POE-16 16 Port Fast Ethernet PoE Injector 425.00
POE-8GAT 8x Port 802.3at Gigabit PoE Injector TEG1009P-EI 595.00
R52HND MikroTik R52HnD High Power Dual Band Mini PCI | R52HnD R52HnD 485.00
RB-CCR2A MikroTik CCR 24V2.5A internal PSU | 24V2APOW 24V2APOW 165.00
RB-CRS105S MikroTik Fiberbox Outdoor Router 5xSFP | CRS105-5S-FB CRS105-5S-FB 750.00
RB-CRS109S2IN MikroTik Cloud Switch WiFi and SFP Switch | CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN 1650.00
RB-GR52AC MikroTik 500mW Dual Band CPE Radio | RBGrooveG-52HPacn RBGrooveG-52HPacn 775.00
RB-LDF5 MikroTik 5GHz Lite Dish Feed | RBLDF-5nD RBLDF-5nD 195.00
SFP-RJ45P MikroTik RJ45 SFP+ 10Gig Ethernet Module | S+RJ10 S+RJ10 695.00
SFP-SM2 MikroTik Single Mode SFP Bi-Directional kit 20Km | S-3553LC20D S-3553LC20D 775.00
SPS-24G2S Scoop 24 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 24 Port PoE and 2 SFP 1650.00
TR-YCT Yeastar Certified Technician Training YCT yeastar.com/academy/video-training-course/ 3495.00
UAP-WBXG Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi BaseStationXG AC Wave2 AP | UWB-XG UWB-XG 19250.00
UB-INS Ubiquiti airMAX CPE Installation Tool | U-Installer U-Installer 1295.00
UB-SFP1 Ubiquiti UFiber Direct Copper Cable SFP+ 10Gb | UDC-1 UDC-1 SFP-DC1 260.00
UF-UOC0.5 Ubiquiti UFiber UOC Cable MM LC-LC 0.5m | UOC-0.5 UOC-0.5 75.00
USB-5M 5 Meter USB Cable GC-UPC5M 45.00
USB-ETH USB to Ethernet Adapter GC-LNU20 120.00
UVC-NVR2TB Ubiquiti UniFi NVR Controller 2TB HDD | UVC-NVR-2TB UVC-NVR-2TB 5150.00
W-O6 Tenda 5GHz AC 16dBi Waterproof CPE | O6 O6 575.00