Legacy Products

If you have been redirected to this page it means the product you wish to view is No Longer Stocked by Scoop. It may be due to the fact that the manufacturer has discontinued the product, or that a new version of the same product has been made available.

We have added the most relevant products to the table below and will display the price of the product as it was at the time of removal from our product range along with other information you may still need. Please note that these products are NOT available for order.

Scoop SKU Description Supplier SKU Alternative Last Price Ex VAT
4G185 Tenda 4G LTE Portable MiFi Router | 4G185 AF-11FX-H 4G180 895.00
AF-11FXH Ubiquiti AirFiberX 11GHz High Band PtP | AF-11FX-H AF-11FX-H AF-11FX 10995.00
AF-11FXL Ubiquiti AirFiberX 11GHz Low Band PtP | AF-11FX-L AF-11FX-L AF-11FX 10995.00
AF2X Ubiquiti AirFiberX 2Ghz Connectorized PtP | AF-2X AF-2X 6995.00
AF5X Ubiquiti AirFiberX 5Ghz Connectorized PtP | AF-5X AF-5X-EU AF-5XHD 5395.00
AFI-HD Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi Router, 2 Mesh Points AFi-HD AFI-PHD 4995.00
AIR-G220 Ubiquiti 2GHz AirMax Grid 20dBi CPE PtP/PtMP | AG-HP-2G20 AG-HP-2G20 PBE-218 850.00
COU-IMMPRO Cougar Gaming Headset with Mic and 7.1 Audio | Immersa Pro IMMERSA PRO 1075.00
LBE-523AC Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax AC LiteBeam 23dBi CPE LBE-5AC-23 LBE-523ACG2 725.00
MS-N5008 NVR 8 Channel | N5008 MS-N5008 2200.00
NBE-516AC Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax AC NanoBeam 16dBi PtP/PtMP NBE-5AC-16 NBE-519ACG2 1025.00
NBE-519AC Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax AC NanoBeam 19dBi | NBE-5AC-19 NBE-5AC-19 NBE-519ACG2 1195.00
PBE-522AC Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeamAC 22dBi 300mm Dish | PBE-5AC-300 PBE-5AC-300 1175.00
PBE-522ACISO Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeamAC 22dBi 300mm ISO | PBE-5AC-300-ISO PBE-5AC-300-ISO 1450.00
PBE-522ISO Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeam 22dBi 300mm ISO | PBE-M5-300-ISO PBE-M5-300-ISO 1175.00
PBE-525ISO Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeam 25dBi 400mm ISO | PBE-M5-400-ISO PBE-M5-400-ISO 1375.00
PBE-525AC Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeamAC 25dBi 400mm Dish | PBE-5AC-400 PBE-5AC-400 1350.00
PBE-525ACISO Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeam 25dBi 400mm ISO | PBE-5AC-400-ISO PBE-5AC-400-ISO 1650.00
PBE-527AC Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeamAC 27dBi 500mm Dish | PBE-5AC-500 PBE-5AC-500 PBE-525ACG2 2150.00
PBE-527ACISO Ubiquiti 5GHz PowerBeamAC 27dBi 500mm Dish ISO | PBE-5AC-500-ISO PBE-5AC-500-ISO PBE-525ACG2 2325.00
PBX-FXO16 Yeastar NeoGate 16 Port FXO Gateway | TA1610 TA1610 5995.00
PBX-FXS24 Yeastar NeoGate 24 Port FXS Gateway | TA2400 NeoGate TA2400 5995.00
PBX-PRI1 Yeastar NeoGate Single Port PRI Gateway | TE100 TE100 6595.00
PBX-TA100 Yeastar Analog Telephone Adapter 1 FXS TA-100 375.00
PBX-U100 Yeastar MyPBX U100 16 Analog Ports MyPBX U100 PBX-S100 5995.00
PBX-U500 Yeastar MyPBX U500 16 Analog Ports and Recording MyPBX U500 PBX-S300 14250.00
PBX-U510 Yeastar MyPBX U510 1 PRI & 16 Analog MyPBX U510 PBX-S300 19995.00
PBX-U520 Yeastar MyPBX U520 2 PRI & 16 Analog MyPBX U520 PBX-S300 26995.00
PS-5AC45 Ubiquiti PrismStation 5AC with 45 deg Isolation | PS-5AC-45 4495.00
RB-CRS212-10SP MikroTik Cloud Switch Desktop SFP | CRS212-1G-10S-1S+IN CRS212-1G-10S-1S+IN 2650.00
RB-METAL5 MikroTik L4 Metal Outdoor WiFi Radio | RBMetal5SHPn RBMetal5SHPn 1195.00
RB-SXT5 MikroTik RBSXT5nDr2 Outdoor 5GHz WiFi CPE RBSXT-5nDr2 795.00
RB-SXT2 MikroTik Outdoor 2GHz WiFi CPE | RBSXT-2nDr2 RBSXT-2nDr2 650.00
RB-SXTSQ Mikrotik 5GHz Dual Chain CPE 16dBi 23' Antenna | RBSXTsq5nD RBSXTsq5nD 575.00
ROCKETM2 Ubiquiti 2GHz AirMax MIMO Rocket WiFi Radio | RocketM2 RocketM2 R2AC-PRISMG2 1150.00
UVC-G3LED Ubiquiti UniFi G3 LED Infrared Range Extender | UVC-G3-LED UVC-G3-LED 995.00
W-A301 Tenda 300Mbps WiFi Range Extender 2 Pin A301 195.00
W-AC9 Tenda AC9 Gigabit 11ac Dual Band WiFi Router AC9 595.00