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Scoop CRAN

Compliance is important to Scoop. To simplify the purchasing process for our Namibian customers, we have put together all relevant information with regards to Namibian Type Approval for our products.

Prior to importing communication and networking products into Namibia, CRAN (The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia) require Type Approval for certain communications equipment. Scoop has applied for Type Approval on the most popular of our export items to Namibia. The link below contains a list of all Scoop products with their CRAN status in .xls format. This list will assist in determining which products may currently be imported into Namibia.

When placing your order from Namibia, please refer to this list and once completed, send a copy of your order to compliance@scoop.co.za. This will give us the opportunity to, where necessary, obtain permission from the Namibian authorities to export the products marked 'Under Review'. Products not 'Approved' or marked 'Under Review', either do not require Type Approval or we have not applied due to minimum demand, in which case you may request that we apply by emailing compliance@scoop.co.za.

Download report here - .xls / Excel

Report Sample:

SKUDescriptionManufacturerCRAN Status
AIR-D530 Ubiquiti 5GHz Airmax Dish 30dBi Backhaul PtP Ubiquiti No approval necessary


  • SKU = Scoop's unique product code, which typically differs from that of the manufacturer.
  • Description = Product Description
  • Manufacturer = Name of product manufacturer.
  • CRAN Status = The CRAN status will help you determine whether you can order a product or not. Red = Have not applied, Orange = Under review , Green = Ready to order

 Please visit www.cran.na for more information regarding the Namibian Communication Regulations.