Yeastar's Linkus

Yeastar's Linkus

If you are on the road or travel a lot but still need to be connected to your office, then Linkus is ideal for you. It is a mobile soft phone client application which integrates iOS and Android devices to a Yeastar S-Series PBX. There is also a Mac OS and Windows client version. Linkus allows you to be mobile while you remain connected with a fully functional office extension wherever you go.

There are two options available when setting up Linkus on a Yeastar S-series PBX.

FREE - Traditional Linkus

The traditional way to setup Linkus is to use your S-series as your Linkus server. This requires routing and port forwarding but is a free service.

You can use the information in the link below to set up port forwarding on your Linkus server.

PAID - Linkus Cloud Service

As the name suggests the Linkus server is hosted in the cloud, allowing access to your mobile Linkus clients without any port forwarding or firewall configuration. This option is designed to minimise network configuration. It also introduces the instant messaging feature between extensions which is not available on the traditional method.

Due to the fact that a cloud service is accessed, there is a cost involved and an LCS needs to be purchased per PBX.

You can purchase the Cloud Service directly from your S-series PBX. Simply select the 'buy' button during set up, or, you can apply for it on Yeastar's website. Use the link below, but please note that you will require the Serial number of the unit you wish to activate.

Cloud service pricing options are available here:

Linkus Client

You can download the Linkus Client app below for Windows, Mac, Iphone and Andriod devices.

In conclusion, if you like the instant messenger feature and want to minimise network configuration, the LCS service is recommended. However, if you know your way around some simple routing and are working on a budget, then the traditional method is the option to go for.

Blog post by Brayden Roodt

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