Scoop Celebrates 20 Years of Business

Scoop Celebrates 20 Years of Business

April 2021, we celebrated being in business for 20 years.

Our Scoop story, like many other good stories, began long, long ago in 2001, when we opened our doors to our 96 square meter warehouse-office space in Montague Gardens, Cape Town with a team of 3, we were the new kids on the block of ICT in South Africa.

The story of Scoop is a tale of inspired leadership that transformed vision into reality, with countless transitions and milestones which now includes having a nationwide presence with branches in Cape Town, Midrand and Durban with a team of 65 Scoopies.

Scoop Customers

Our customers’ needs define us to a great extent and together, we have been able to contribute to the sophisticated, dynamic networking and communication landscape in South Africa.

Side-by-side we have overcome obstacles such as the legalisation and accessibility of wireless technology for WISPs in South Africa. We are thankful for every customer and for the trust they put in us to provide them with the latest technology at the best price. We included our customers in our celebration with balloon pops and customer give-aways, and even had a custom keyring giveaway made to mark the milestone.

Team Scoop

One of Scoop’s founding principles was to create a working environment where people are supported and encouraged – Scoop was always envisioned as a family business in the sense of a work-family and a home-away-from-home. Our team of 65 Scoopies embody our values of integrity, transparency, reliability and passion for the Scoop brand. Our people are the foundation on which we have built our dreams and we are proud of their ability to adapt, persevere and shine, even when faced with the effects of a worldwide pandemic.

What does two decades of technology look like?

We’ve had a front-row seat to the advancement of network technology, and today, things that were once innovative and groundbreaking are either obsolete or becoming obsolete.

We saw the introduction of ISDN, 3G, and WiFi technology – which became mainstream in the mid-2000s – while in 2011, 4G was born. We have been able to stay at the forefront of technological advances thanks to the innovation of our longstanding partnerships with:

Through them, we have been able to provide cutting edge products with the right features at the best price point.

Though our product range is comprehensive, it is not excessive as we only incorporate products we believe in and do our utmost to supply technology that offers value for money.

New Brand

In celebration of our milestone anniversary, we have launched an exciting new brand to our product line-up. Reyee, offers incredible value for money across a great range of SOHO, wireless and PoE products.
We are confident that these products will create a stir in this market segment.

The Scoop Difference

We are blessed with the best!

Our team love what they do and are proud ambassadors of the Scoop brand. This shines through in their daily dealings with all customers, where personal, friendly and efficient service is simply the Scoop way.

We have always been transparent about our processes, pricing and stock holding with our dealers and retail customers. What you see is what you get.

We keep transactions simple without compromising our service levels.

Where to from here?

Supporting our re-sellers, installers and service providers while they, in turn, assist South Africans with their digital technologies journeys, will remain paramount. Scoop will embark on our own journey by upgrading our website to build on our hassle-free online transactions and shipping. We will continue to weather the disruptions to the technology supply chain – because of the reduced availability of components – to the best of our ability. We will remain compliant with legislation, celebrate our victories and learn from our mistakes. We will provide our customers with the latest products and excellent service they deserve, and above all, remain grateful for the privilege to be part of the South African ICT community.

Thank you to all our partners for being part of our journey.

Team Scoop, customers, and manufacturers – cheers to 20 years!

Blog post by Amelia van der Vyver - Chief Marketing Officer