Scoop Attends MikroTik's User Meeting in Vienna, Austria

Scoop Attends MikroTik's User Meeting in Vienna, Austria
I was fortunate enough to attend the annual European Mikrotik User Meeting (MUM) held in Vienna, Austria on 7-8 March. This conference on MikroTik RouterOS software and RouterBOARD hardware is a great opportunity to meet the MikroTik team, distributors, certified trainers and consultants. The best part was, however, the opportunity to interact with all kinds of like-minded users from all over the globe involved with using Mikrotik products.

Though there are a number of MUM's happening throughout the year and around the world, the European MUM is considered the main event due to the fact that Mikrotik announces their product plans for the upcoming year.

You can view Mikrotik's 2019 product plan here: (ETA's on products were not available at the time of publishing) -

Interesting fact: To date, there have already been 201 MikroTik User Meetings worldwide.  This was my first time attending a MUM conference, and this particular one was the most-attended in Europe ever, with 1700 people in attendance.

A Typical MUM

The night before the event is a meet and greet where you get to know and network with some of the attendees with drinks and snacks provided. This is followed by two days of presentations starting with Mikrotik's plans and new products. It was also interesting to see implementations from presenters and get different perspectives about applications. During the conference, there are a number of exhibitors displaying their products which can be viewed during breaks or anytime during the conference.

The conference concludes with a raffle, where Mikrotik has a lotto type draw and give away products. The different exhibitors also have giveaways, which causes great excitement.

You are welcome to watch the video (

If you have time, it is also a great opportunity to fit in some training with certified Mikrotik Trainers. I, however, took an extra few days to explore the city. Vienna proved to be a city rich in history and museums, you can spend hours simply roaming the streets. This was also my first time in Europe and I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of its old building architecture, the modern public transport system and good beer.

Transportation around Vienna

To get around we used the city public tram system which can take you to all the main areas in the city. You can buy tickets at machines that are situated at some stations or on certain trams. It is tricky choosing your tickets as its all in German but eventually with the help of Google translate you will be able to figure it out. There is also excellent bus and train systems which makes moving around the city very easy. The city is surprisingly large and involves a lot of walking to view the different tourist attractions, so we chose to rent electric push scooters which can be found around the city, making getting around quicker and a lot of fun. All you have to do is scan a QR code on your mobile phone which is linked to your bank account and you get charged per minute.

Things to do in Vienna

St. Stephens Cathedral.
Climb 63m, 343 stairs to the viewing point at the top of one of the Cathedrals towers or have a look at the detailed architecture of the inside of the building.

Wiener Riesenrad
This Giant Ferris Wheel will give you a view of Vienna and the surrounds from a different perspective.

Vienna City Hall
Take a tour around the city hall and view the different staterooms and building architecture.

Dinner in the city
There are plenty restaurants hidden away in the small side streets, we found a few places just by walking through and asking locals where they recommend.

If you are interested in attending a MUM during 2019, you can view the conference calendar here:

I can recommend the European MUM without hesitation. See you at the next MUM!

Blog post by Brayden Roodt