Increase Your Home's Wireless Coverage with Tenda's Nova Mesh Routers

Increase Your Home's Wireless Coverage with Tenda's Nova Mesh Routers

When deciding on a home router solution it is often difficult to choose from the many different brands and options available. Is it advisable to have a dual-band router? Do I need multiple access points or will a single wireless router suffice? Do I have no choice but to go through the labour and expense of pulling unsightly cable all over my house in order to eliminate all the dead spots?

With Tenda's Nova range of mesh router solutions you will be able to solve almost any of your WiFi problems. Best of all, it won't break the bank. Let's start off by explaining in a bit more detail exactly what is meant by “mesh” systems.

In simple terms, a mesh system is a host of nodes connected to each other that function as access points for client devices. One of the benefits of a mesh network is the redundancy it offers when connecting multiple nodes. If a single point of the network goes down, the client devices remain connected because they automatically failover to the next available node on the mesh network. The whole wireless network shares a single SSID with roaming so even if client devices were to move around the house, they will always remain connected to the strongest access point available. By strategically placing the Nova mesh points around your home, you will be able to effortlessly cover your whole home with WiFi in a matter of minutes.

The first image below shows a mesh network using self-healing technology. Note how the three AP's remain connected to one another even when there is a break in the connection between two units. The second image illustrates a standard AP and wireless extenders, with only a single connection. When the connection between the AP and extender fails, client devices in that area of the house will be without coverage.

Self-Healing Mesh Technology

Benefits of Tenda Nova Dual-Band Technology

All Tenda Nova units have dual radios, allowing multiple devices supporting both 802.11ac as well as 802.11b/g/n clients simultaneously. It also takes advantage of MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) and Beam-forming antenna technology to provide the widest coverage and best performance to each user. The 5GHz frequency range offers more available channels and less interference for high-speed connections. In today's world with high-speed fibre Internet and family members who may potentially be connecting several devices, it becomes necessary to ensure that your home network is capable of handling an increased load.

Tenda Nova Ease of Use

The simple plug-and-play set-up will give you scalability and freedom to move the aesthetically pleasing mesh points around your home until you find the best spots for optimum connectivity. This was previously tedious to do without site survey equipment or software. Using the Tenda WiFi App you are also able to configure and control your Nova set-up. Some of the key benefits of using the App are:

  • The ability to monitor your network
  • Set & Adjust Parent Controls
  • Remote Access
  • Limiting User Access
Tenda Nova Connection Status

Tenda Nova Value for Money

One of the key benefits of the Nova range is its affordability and range of products to suit various installation sizes. The W-NOVA3 system is great for smaller buildings where signal levels of standard routers are slightly too weak to provide connectivity for client devices that are further away. The W-NOVA5C works well for average to larger size homes where you have some dead spots, As its powerful radio proved itself very capable in our tests. Additional mesh nodes can be added interchangeably through all of the Nova mesh products with minimal effort but it is recommended to have as few mesh hops as possible for best performance. The Tenda NOVA units provide exceptional value in price vs performance

Tenda Nova Dead Wifi Elimination

    In Summary, the benefits of Tenda's Nova systems:
    • Dual band WiFi
    • Modular and scalable
    • Plug and Play Set-up
    • Single SSID with seamless handover (802.11r)
    • Aesthetic design
    • Great Value for Money

    Tenda Nova Purchase Guide

    WiFi Speed AC1200 AC1200
    Compatible Broadband 100 Mbps >100 Mbps
    Coverage Area up to 3500sq.ft up to 3500sq.ft
    Max. mesh nodes supported (Qty./Size) 5
    (5000 sq.ft)
    (6000 sq.ft)
    Max. No. of Connected Devices 40 devices 80 devices

    We hope that this article has helped you find your next home WiFi solution!

    Blog post by Stefan Olsen