Fanvil SIP Hotspot Set-Up in 5 Easy Steps

Fanvil SIP Hotspot Set-Up in 5 Easy Steps

What is Fanvil's SIP Hotspot feature?

Fanvil's SIP Hotspot allows the user to share a single VoIP line across multiple handsets. This, in turn, eliminates the need for the additional cost of a PBX system.

Which phones have this feature?

Fanvil's SIP Hotspot feature is currently only supported on the Fanvil X and H series phones.

Step-by-Step Setup of Fanvil's SIP Hotspot Feature

Step 1

Configure the main VoIP trunk on one of the SIP lines of your Fanvil series X or H phone. This will be used for incoming calls.

Step 2

Enable the Hotspot feature. We recommend using 'Monitor Type: Multicast' which will ensure that unnecessary traffic on your network is reduced. The multicast address, port numbers and naming must be the same on both the hotspot and the client phones.

Step 3

Configure your secondary phone as the client. Simply select the ‘Enable to Client’ setting on the phone. Once done, reboot the phone. After the phone reboots, the hotspot phone’s IP will appear in the Device Table.

Step 4

Confirm that the client is receiving the correct settings from the hotspot phone. When navigating to Line > SIP: you should see that the client has automatically retrieved the SIP account details from the hotspot phone. The client phone will add an underscore with a number 1 next to the display name. Under Advanced Settings, you need to enable the tick for Dial without Registration.

Step 5

Now that both phones have been configured, you can call your extension by pressing 1 on the keypad and 0 from the client to call the hotspot phone. If you add any additional phones to your network, you can see the extension number by looking at the number after the underscore, next to your display name.

Even though Fanvil’s SIP Hotspot offers a limited feature set when compared to a traditional PBX system (like not being able to transfer calls between handsets), it is a great, cost-effective solution for homes and small offices.

We recommend using our FAN-X5S or FAN-X7C as the hotspot phone. Any entry-level IP phone can be used for the client device.

Blog post by Corne Botha

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