Introducing Ajax Systems

Introducing Ajax Systems

Wireless Security Systems are fast becoming the leading industry standard for homes, apartments, and offices. This is predominantly due to convenience, competitive pricing, and comprehensive, real-time protection. Scoop is proud to partner with Ajax Systems and this article highlights the benefits of Ajax, and the security it offers to end-users.

Who is Ajax?

Ajax Systems is Europe's leading professional security systems manufacturer. Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO and founder of Ajax Systems, established the Ajax brand in 2011 and is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Today Ajax exports its products to over 94 countries worldwide and is currently Europe's most award-winning wireless security system.

What is Ajax?

Ajax is an intelligent, reliable security alarm system that can easily be installed and configured in most environments. Its primary focus includes deterring intruders, early detection of fires and floods, live-streaming security cameras and controlling select home appliances in real-time. The Ajax mobile app instantly notifies users and security companies should intrusion or hazards arise.

How does Ajax work?

Security Control Panel

Hubs (Control Panels) are the core devices required to start your Ajax journey. These Hubs communicate with all Ajax devices and support multiple Internet communication channels (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 2G/3G/LTE depending on Hub model) while using their own proprietary encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller.

Hub 2

Motion Cam
  • Security Control Panel supporting detectors with visual alarm photo verification.
  • Wireless Motion Detector with visual alarm verification and pet immunity.


  • Wireless Door/Window contact detector that notifies at the first sign of intrusion.
  • Wireless 4 button remote allows quick Arm/Disarm or Night mode for partial property protection.
  • Panic to notify other users and alarm response company of emergency.

Street Siren

  • Wireless indoor / outdoor siren to deter burglars from unauthorized entry.
  • 7 – 24VDC relay to control appliances remotely.

Mobile Ajax App

Security Companies
  • Connect and Configure device settings
  • Arm / Disarm System
  • Informative Notifications

Hub Hub Plus Hub 2 Hub 2 Plus
Devices 100 150 100 200
Cameras & DVRs 10 50 25 100
Range extenders 1 5 5 5
Users 50 99 50 200
Security groups 9 25 9 25
Scenarios 5 64 32 64
Visual alarm verification support No No Yes Yes
Communication channels 2G 1xSIM
2G/3G 2хSIM
2G 2хSIM
2G/3G/4G(LTE) 2хSIM
Radio Protocols Jeweller Jeweller Jeweller

Ajax Propitiatory Radio Protocols

The heartbeat of the Ajax eco-systems, Jeweller, provides:

  • a maximum communication range with detectors of up to 2km.
  • alarm triggering response under 0.15ms.
  • ultra-low battery consumption lasting up to 7 years.
  • resistance to radio signal interception, forgery, and interference, ensuring complete, secure system protection.

Jeweller Wing
  • Two-way radio communication between Hub and detectors
  • Operating Frequencies 868.0 – 868.6 MHz
  • Block, based on AES standard encryption
  • Communication range with detectors up to 2km
  • Transmission of visual verification images
  • Guaranteed data delivery (Models Supported: Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, Motion Cams)

Why choose Ajax?

  • Hassle-free installation and setup
  • Supports multiple users
  • Allows multiple Group set-up, and arm / disarm independently
  • Stream existing cameras through RTSP or CCTV provider cloud service
  • 3rd party integration
  • Variety of detectors, and accessories
  • Informative Notifications
  • Prevents Sabotage
  • Keeps your system confidential
  • Central Monitoring Station

Ajax Software

For users

Ajax Mobile, Ajax Pro, and Ajax Pro Desktop offer rich functionality to manage the Ajax system from anywhere. All that is required is a modern smartphone or laptop with internet, and access to your intelligent control panel with administrative rights.


  • Remote - Arm / Disarm the system
  • Virtual Panic Button with GPS co-ordinates
  • Notifications Tab
  • Detailed device status
  • Smart Geofencing Reminders
  • Secure Application Login with fingerprint or password
*Note: Ajax Mobile, Ajax Pro, and Ajax Pro Desktop are free to use.

For Security Companies

The Ajax 911 app, available on Windows and macOS, takes professional monitoring to a new level.


  • Monitor operations for all protected facilities on one screen.
  • Instant alarm response
  • Remote configuration
  • Filter history events by type: alarm malfunctions and arming/disarming
  • Tools for Directors, Operators and Engineers

Why Ajax 911?

  • Cloud infrastructure at no additional cost
  • 99.99% uptime
  • No-risk for mechanical error

This was a high-level look at the different components that make up the Ajax security system. I will be exploring different scenarios and product functionality in greater detail in the near future.

Blog post by JJ Nortje - Ajax Product Manager

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