Introducing Rackstuds: The World's Most Advanced Rackmount Solution

Introducing Rackstuds: The World's Most Advanced Rackmount Solution
In July 2021, Scoop became a Master Distributor for Rackstuds in South Africa. The concept for Rackstuds™ arose in 2000 by Pete Stothers (Rackstuds™ founder and Director) when he had to resort to stacking telephone books below a device to align the rails with the cage nuts.

In this video, Tim demonstrates how easy Rackstuds are to install.

Their original design mandate was simple:
  • It must go in from the front.
  • It must be simple to install.
  • It must be simple to remove.
  • It would not need any special tools; not even a screwdriver.
  • It must be strong enough to hold a 20kg piece of equipment.
  • It must be affordable so it could become a natural replacement for the cage nut over time.

Today, Rackstuds are the worlds most advanced rack mount solution, designed as a simple and efficient rack mounting alternative to the cage nut. These revolutionary studs enable extremely quick mounting and make the tool-less installation a breeze:

  • 1. Push in
  • 2. Screw on
  • 3. All done
This means that most jobs can be done easily with just one technician on site, which is a major benefit for time-critical installations.

Rackstuds Basic Installation

Basic installation consists of:

  • 1. Inserting the stud from the front.
  • 2. Putting the lock washer in place - which prevents the stud from accidentally being pressed out of the rail port.
  • 3. Placing the rack-mount device onto the studs.
  • 4. Turning the thumbscrew on the cap to lock the device in place.

It couldn’t be any easier. No more fussing with getting cage nuts in and out of rails, no more struggling to balance a heavy switch in place while fumbling for your tools.

Rackstuds Material

The studs are made from a strong and durable thermoplastic capable of carrying an equipment load of up to 20kg, making it ideal for most IT, AV, Telco or security equipment. The plastic also prevents any damage or scratching of equipment during installation, keeping your devices looking good as new.

Rackstuds Product Variations

Rackstuds come in two variants, red and purple, which indicate the thickness of the rack rail it supports. Red, being the thinner of the two, supports a 2.2mm rail thickness while the purple studs support a 2.7mm to 3.2mm thickness. Both products are sold in varying pack sizes depending on your requirements.

Rackstuds are undoubtedly an intelligent solution to an age-old problem, leaving no real reason to use old-fashioned cage nuts.

July 25, 2021
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